Particles and Cosmology

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For Students


Recommended courses

If you are interested in the area of theoretical elementary particle physics and cosmology, we recommend to take the following courses:


FS 2018: 

- Advanced Quantum Mechanics/Quantum Field Theory (= Höhere Quantenmechanik)

- General Relativity (= Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie)


HS 2018: 

- Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics 1 (= Theoretische Elementarteilchenphysik 1)


FS 2019: 

- Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics 2 (= Theoretische Elementarteilchenphysik 2)

- Group Theory and Applications

- Theory Proseminar: "The Early Universe" 


HS 2019: 

- Theoretical Cosmology

- Introduction to Supersymmetric Particle Physics


Recommended additional courses include (when offered):

- Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods

- Introduction to Computational Quantum Mechanics

- Mathematical Methods in Particle Physics

- Symmetries and Fields

- Compact Stars and Black Holes

- Nuclear Astrophysics


Please contact Prof. Stefan Antusch for further information. Note that some of the courses will only be given every second year. Some of them are only planned but not yet confirmed. For the course "Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics", it is necessary that you have heard "Advanced Quantum Mechanics" before, and for studying "Introduction to Supersymmetric Particle Physics" the content of the courses "Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics 1&2" is required.


Project and Master theses

We are offering project and Master theses on various topics in theoretical elementary particle physics and cosmology. Please contact Prof. Stefan Antusch for further information.