Particles and Cosmology

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REAP (Renormalization group Evolution of Angles and Phases) is a Mathematica package for solving the renormalization group equations (RGE) of the quantities relevant for neutrino masses, for example the dimension-5 neutrino mass operator, the Yukawa matrices and the gauge couplings.

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Running quark and lepton parameters at various scales

We provide the values and 1 sigma ranges of the running quark and lepton Yukawa couplings as well as of the quark mixing parameters at various energy scales, i.e. at MZ, 1 TeV, 3 TeV, 10 TeV and at the GUT scale. For the GUT scale values we include the supersymmetric one-loop threshold corrections with their effects parametrised in a simple way. The data files corresponding to updated versions of the results of our paper arXiv:1306.6879 [hep-ph] and an example can be downloaded here.




RG Running of Neutrino Observables

We provide data tables for the RG change of neutrino observables from the running between the GUT scale and the electroweak scale MZ. MSSM RGEs are used between the GUT scale and the SUSY scale (which we take to be 3 TeV) and SM RGEs between the SUSY scale and MZ. Details and instructions how to use these results to speed up GUT model fits can be found in arXiv:1808.09364 [hep-ph], and the tables can be downloaded here.




Oscillons from string cosmology (movies)

We provide movies which show the time evolution of so-called Kähler moduli. The movies were created from results of lattice simulations. 

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Evolution of the inflaton field during preheating after hilltop inflation (movies)

We provide movies which show the time evolution of the inflaton field after hilltop inflation from our 2D lattice simulations. They correspond to figs. 6 and 7 in our paper "Hill crossing during preheating after hilltop inflation" [arXiv:1503.06075]. We also provide a 3D movie.

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SusyTC is a major extension to the Mathematica package REAP. It extends the functionality of REAP by a full inclusion of the (complex) MSSM SUSY sector and a careful calculation of the one-loop SUSY threshold corrections for the full down-type quark, up-type quark and charged lepton Yukawa coupling matrices.

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T3PS (Tool for Parallel Processing in Parameter Scans) is a program for quickly designing and performing parameter scans while taking advantage of multi-core processors. It takes a scan definition in a `.ini'-like file format as input and – based and the parameter ranges and other options contained therein – distributes the calculation of the parameter space over multiple processes and possibly computers. The derived data is saved in tabulator separated values format, readable by most plotting software. The supported scanning strategies include: grid scan, random scan, Markov Chain Monte Carlo, numerical optimization.

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Flavour-dependent leptogenesis efficiency factors

Here we provide numerical results for the efficiency factor for thermal leptogenesis within the MSSM. Flavour-dependent effects as well as effects of the reheating temperature of the early universe are included in the Boltzmann equations.

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